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We will issue the necessary papers for each component of your vacation that you have booked with us, such as flights, bills, e-tickets, insurance, hotel vouchers, etc.

Your hotel and package booking documentation will be sent to you so that you receive them at least seven days before your departure.

Note: It’s possible that some documents will be supplied separately. If you have not received your documentation seven days prior to departure, e-mail support@manntravel.co.uk.

Most airlines in the world offer electronic tickets, sometimes known as e-tickets. Since the airline’s computerized ticketing system maintains your flight confirmation in an electronic format, using an e-ticket eliminates the need for a paper ticket or record.

With an e-ticket, you can travel without worrying about losing your paper ticket because you won’t need to bring it with you. You do not need to wait for your ticket to arrive via postal mail because it is available in electronic version. By using your e-ticket at the self-service check-in kiosks, you can skip the lengthy waits at the few manual check-in counters that are still in use by most airlines. You can also print your boarding pass and track your air miles (if applicable) by using these automated machines.

To use this service you will need the following means of identification:

  1. The credit card which you used to purchase your tickets
  2. Traveler loyalty card.
  3. An e-ticket receipt.
  4. You will need to confirm the airline reference number given at the time of booking.

Please note that some airlines still issue paper tickets for certain flights on certain sectors. If you receive a paper ticket (a card ticket/coupon in a wallet) you must present this at the airport check-in counter or you will be unable to board your flight. If you are unsure of the type of ticket (e-ticket / paper ticket) issued to you, please contact our customer services team at support@manntravel.co.uk or call us at 0208 099 9900.

You may check your visa requirements by visiting the following websites which contain the most up to date information on visas, passport, health & travel advice for the travelers.




In general, a visa may be required for entry into a non-EU nation. If your connecting flight takes you through a developing nation, you could need a transit visa. It is frequently a good idea to check the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website’s country-specific sections to learn about visa requirements. You can also get the most recent information on immigration, visa, and entry requirements by getting in touch with the local embassy, consulate, or high commission. For non-British citizens, including other EU citizens, this is crucial.

Before leaving, you are encouraged to make sure your travel documents are in order. The majority of nations won’t let you in on a one-way ticket without the necessary visa or papers, so it’s possible that you will be turned away at check-in if you don’t have it.

Typically, your e-ticket or the itinerary supplied along with your paper ticket will show your baggage allowance (if applicable). If you have more questions regarding baggage allowance, you may also call our customer care at 0208 099 9900.

Please be aware that new hand luggage restrictions have been approved by the Department of Transportation and will take effect at many UK airports on January 7, 2008. As a result, the restriction that these airports formerly had in place that limited hand luggage to one item per passenger will no longer be in effect. Please be aware that these restrictions differ based on the airport from which you fly and the airline you use.

Few tips which may be helpful for you with respect to your baggage:

Please check your hand luggage allowance with your airline prior to packing. As a general guideline, keep the hand luggage up to maximum weight of 5 kilos, and dimensions not exceeding 450mm x 350 mm x 200mm (Height x Width x Depth). Most airlines have a hand luggage measurement gauge at check-in.

Any kind of liquids, gels and cosmetics exceeding 100ml are not permitted in hand luggage. All smaller containers must be taken in a transparent plastic bag.

It is important that you find out your free allowance for checked baggage. Baggage allowance limits are determined and set by the airlines. Your baggage allowance is stated on your e-ticket receipt or paper ticket (where applicable).

Note: As a strict rule, airlines do not allow sharp objects like razors, knives, blades, etc in the hand luggage. Remember to pack sharp objects in your checked baggage.

Weight limits for most airlines:

Passengers travelling in Economy Class – 20 kg (44 lbs) without extra charges.

Passengers travelling in Business Class – 30 kg (66 lbs).

No single bag weighing over 32 kg will be accepted at check-in and you may be asked to re-pack before you check in.

A Piece System is in place for travelers heading to the US and Canada. The overall size and weight of each piece of checked baggage, including the length, width, and height, cannot exceed 158 cm and 23 kg, respectively.

In order to minimize unneeded delays and discomfort, it is advisable that you check your baggage allowance by getting in touch with the airline that you are flying with. Sporting equipment and other items that weigh more over 32 kg should be prearranged with the airline by the passenger. Please be aware that you can carry weight above the allowed limit for a fee that can be confirmed by calling the airline.

How long before my departure do I need to check-in? 

Please check in as per the following requirement:

International flights – Check-in at least 3 hours prior to departure.

European flights – Check-in at least 2 hours prior to departure.

Domestic flights – Check-in at least 1 hour prior to departure.

Please be aware that 45 minutes prior to departure, boarding begins. If you fail to get to the airport by the given time and are unable to board your flight as a result, Mann Travel disclaims all responsibility.

Please check in as per the following requirement:

International flights – Check-in at least 3 hours prior to departure.

European flights – Check-in at least 2 hours prior to departure.

Domestic flights – Check-in at least 1 hour prior to departure.

Please be aware that 60 minutes prior to departure, boarding begins. If you fail to get to the airport by the given time and are unable to board your flight as a result, Mann Travel disclaims all responsibility.

Your flight’s departure terminal will be noted on your e-ticket or the itinerary that was included with your paper ticket (if applicable). If you have any questions, you can call us at 0208 099 9900.

To make changes to your flight or hotel reservation, call our customer service department at 0208 099 9900. All changes to reservations for flights or hotels must be made in accordance with the terms of the fare purchased, so not all bookings can be changed.

Before travelling to or from specific nations, such as Dubai, the USA, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, and China, Advance Passenger Information (API) is gathered for every passenger. Airlines are now required by law to gather the following advance passenger data (API).

  1. Passport number
  2. Nationality
  3. Gender
  4. Date of birth
  5. Full name as it appears on the passport
  6. Passport number, country of issue and expiry date
  7. Country of residence

Most passports may access the majority of the aforementioned details using a reader at check-in. However, gathering certain new information during check-in might cause longer lines, which would slow down the check-in process for flights. Hence, whilst making a reservation, advance passenger data is gathered. You can speak with a customer service representative about this by calling 0208 099 9900.

Please be aware that you must supply an address in the USA for your first night’s lodging, which may be the name, number, and street, city, and state of the hotel, as well as the zip code.

You can pay with a credit or debit card over the phone or online. Balance payments can be made by contacting our Customer Services on 0208 099 9900. We do not charge any additional surcharge for payments made through credit cards.

Please contact our customer care department on 0208 099 9900 for assistance if you wish to cancel any bookings for flight, accommodation etc.

Please be aware that every cancellation entails costs that the passenger is responsible for paying. These fees change based on the specifics of the reservation and are subtracted from any refunds you receive. When cancelling, you will provide your booking reference(s) and any other pertinent information. It could be possible to recover some or all damages incurred through your insurance provider if you have purchased travel insurance and your reason for cancellation is covered by the terms and conditions of that insurance.

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