Popular beaches that glow at night

A sandy shore glittered with stars and the melodious sound of the waves hitting the stones, truly enthralling beyond words.

Nature has its own way to cast a spell on us and mesmerize us with its beauty and magnificence. A magical effect often seen in the warm waters by bioluminescent plankton, glowing beaches are a fascinating attraction and one of the most beautiful phenomena across the world. For those who love water and are looking for an extraordinary holiday experience, these beaches are truly wonderful. With a whole lot of flight offers and cheap flight packages, we make holidays memorable. Read on to know more about the popular glowing beaches across the world.

Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico

Declared officially as the brightest beaches, Mosquito Bay is a fascinating natural wonder in the Caribbean. Lying along the southern shore of Vieques Island, this stunning beach is a delight at night and best enjoyed during a ‘New Moon Day’. An evening stroll or a romantic dinner under moonlight here is simply divine. Boat tours and kayaking are the most enjoyed activities on the Bay. In fact, the gorgeous surrounding mangroves surely enhance the beauty of the bay. Luxury hotels, budgeted accommodations, eateries, shacks selling exotic local food, and shops filled with a range of gifts and souvenirs can be found scattered across the bay. 

Toyama Bay, Japan

Lying on the northern shore of the Hokuriku region of Honshu, Japan along the Sea of Japan, Toyama Bay is surely a treat to the eye. Popularly known as the ‘glowing firefly squid’, the sparkling blue color of Toyama Bay is a memorable experience. For the bay glows unusually between the months of March to June, this place is pure bliss during this season. Dedicated to all the beautiful firefly squids, Hotaru Ika Museum is a major attraction here. Sightseeing tours and boat trips to the popular museum are well-known among visitors and locals alike. 

Mudhdhoo Island, Maldives

Radiating the vibrant blue light under the never-ending sky, Mudhdhoo Island is true heaven in the Maldives. Well connected to the rest of the island and offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience to its spectators, this place is simply a dreamland. For the island is packed with unlimited engagements and interesting indulgences, watching the beach glow with the stars as the blanket is truly a magical experience. While water sports are very popular on the island, a calm and peaceful walk or a romantic candlelight dinner amidst the glowing turquoise is truly a delight.

Luminous Lagoon, Jamaica

The only natural night-time attraction in Jamaica, Luminous Lagoon is simply magical. Surrounded by beautiful mangroves and stunning landscapes, this place is a honeymooner’s paradise and a sought-after holiday destination. While this place is fantastic all the time, a few drops of rain simply lights up the entire surface and makes it more heavenly. Boat tours and swimming are very popular here. Restaurants, lounges, luxury resorts, hotels, and shacks can be found all across the area. Music shows and vibrant parties are major attractions and tourists. Midnight photography is surely a delight. 

Laguna Grande, Puerto Rico

Famed for its magical glitter and stunning landscapes, Laguna Grande is yet another well-known attraction in Puerto Rico. Magical and magnificent beyond perfection, the place is famous for casting a spell on its visitors. Kayaking, boat tours, and walking along the coast is surely a lifetime experience ideal for those looking for a memorable beach holiday. Swimming in the glowing water of the bay is surely a perfect delight. Day trips and excursions are unique and very popular among locals and visitors alike. Shacks and traditional markets can be found scattered across the region. 

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Known for its glittering beach and massive limestone island, Halong Bay is the most sought-after destination in Vietnam. Besides the glam show of the water, scuba diving, boat tours, sea kayaks, hiking, sailing, and rock climbing are very popular here. A lot of shacks and restaurants can be found all across the bay. Luxury hotels and budgeted accommodations are the major convenient points here. Swimming amidst the glowing waters under the moonlight is definitely a lifetime experience. Beach parties and music festivals are usually held from time to time at the bay.

San Juan Island, Washington

Just when the sun goes down, San Juan Island beach starts glittering. This is the beauty of this amazing place. Ideal to enjoy a romantic dinner amidst surreal surroundings, this place is simply a delight. Kayaking, swimming, boat tours, and paddling are very popular here. Besides sightseeing, food shacks serving a range of exotic cuisine is surely a must-try. Festivals and shows are a regular phenomenon. Boat trips and tours are available for those willing to explore the interiors of the hidden mangroves.

Ton Sai Beach, Thailand

Surrounded by magnificent cliffs and fascinating landscapes, Ton Sai is Thailand’s popular glowing beach. Whether it’s relaxing amidst surreal surroundings or enjoying a midnight stroll, this place is perfect to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. From an ultra-romantic dinner to a range of thrilling water sports especially swimming or kayaking, Ton Sai is truly magical and heaven for beach lovers. Those looking to savor some tantalizing Thai cuisine, make sure you visit the beautiful shacks and cafes scattered across the beach. 

While beaches are fascinating on their own, glowing beaches are outrightly magnificent, picturesque, and surreal. Every holiday is an experience in its own way, walking on the glittering sand and watching your footsteps is outrightly magical and beyond perfection. Make the most of our fantastic airline offers plus amazing cheap flight deals and add magic and magnificence to your next holiday. 

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