Relive Your Romance in Australia

Holidays provide you an opportunity to explore your relationship with your loved ones. All kinds of vacations have their charm, but when it comes to romantic holidays, then a sense of belonging becomes the most important thing. Romantic couples have their idea of romantic holidays; some of them like serene beaches while others prefer adventurous holidays. Sometimes couple looks for a place, which can provide them with a feeling of adventure along with serenity and leisure. Well!! The continent country of Australia has a myriad of options available for couples to feel a sense of togetherness amidst the tranquillity of nature. We are discussing a few of Australia’s romantic getaways in this article.

Hunter Valley, New South Wales

Hunter Valley is a place for the couple that believes in culminating the day with a romantic dinner. Being the oldest wine-growing region of Australia, Hunter Valley is famous for its cuisine and delicacies. You can indulge yourself in cheese, handmade chocolates, charcuterie, sourdough bread, and many more local eatables. Your visit to Hunter Valley can’t be complete without taking a stroll through wine yards and tasting the best wines of Australia. For adventure seekers, this place provides a hot air balloon ride and a bird’s eye view from a helicopter ride.

Adelaide Hills, South Australia

The Adelaide Hills are the land of cooler wines. In the linear city of Adelaide, a 20 km stretch of Adelaide Hills provides a cooler climate of up to 8 degrees. Apart from the visual splendor, this place organizes the medieval fair in April and the English Ale fair in May which features the glorious past of Australia. You can enjoy the local wine and other eatables including cheese and meat in the Stirling market. Your eyes and taste buds will remember this place for a long time.

Palm Cove, Queensland

Palm Cove is a place to enjoy your leisure while witnessing the vast ocean expansion. For adventure-loving people, Palm Cove offers trips to the Barrier Reef, Rainforest excursions, kayaking around a nearby island, etc. You will find all the holiday essentials in the nearby retail stores. Treat your taste buds to seafood delicacies and enjoy leisure while watching a romantic sunset.

Freycinet, Tasmania

With pink granite peaks, isolated bays, silver sandy coastlines, and the richness of birdlife, there are lots of reasons to visit Freycinet. Situated on the eastern coast, this place is a scenic paradise in Australia. Here you will have an opportunity to witness the iconic wine glass bay. You can take a short trek around to feel the tranquillity of a secluded island. An extended two-day trek will allow you to see remote beaches like Cooks and Bryans.

Cable Beach, West Australia

A 14-mile stretch of white sand beach facing the eastern Indian Ocean is a delight to watch and keep its memories for life. The beach got its name after a telegraph cable laid between Broome and Java in 1889. A camel ride along with the turquoise water of the Indian Ocean during sunset and sunrise will become a part of lifetime remembrance.

We go on holidays with our partner not just to see new places, but also to explore newness in our relationship. Australia provides an excellent opportunity to see a variety of landscapes and enjoy the mouth-watering delicacies of this continent country that gives you a new perspective on your life and relationship. Once in a lifetime take your beloved to Australia and allow yourself to get drenched in the exquisite vistas of Oz.

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