Travel Insurance Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

The word “Travel Insurance” conjures up thoughts like “why would I need it”, “it’s a waste of money”, “I am healthy so why should I buy it” and many more in the minds of many travelers, but the reality is that problems don’t come knocking at your door with prior alerts or invitations! In fact, travel insurance is as important as your holiday trip itself. Insurance is not just medical protection, there is much more to it. It makes sure you enjoy your holidays without worrying about things like flight delays or cancellations, lost baggage, lost passport, a natural disaster because of which you might have to leave everything and come back to your country, medical emergencies, or even misplaced travel tickets which are all covered under it. And it only costs you around 5 to 6 percent of your airfare (just a few dollars).

Travel insurance truly acts as a savior in emergencies during travel. Who knew Maria, my friend, would fracture her leg badly while exploring the charm of the majestic mountains in Japan? But unfortunately, she did and she immediately had to go for a medical treatment which could have been a hole in her pocket but fortunately, she had her travel insurance which saved her from a huge loss. Otherwise, the trip would have been a nightmare for her! So why take such big risks for just a few dollars?

Whether you are a domestic traveler or an international traveler, without an iota of doubt, travel insurance is undeniably important and beneficial.

Over the years travelers across the globe are becoming aware of the importance of buying travel insurance. In fact, in some developed nations like Japan, almost every single traveler buys it.

Some of the key benefits of travel insurance are:

Medical treatments and evacuation

In case of a medical emergency, you might have to end up paying thousands of dollars in hospital costs in the countries like the USA. And in the case of emergency transport home for treatment (medical evacuation), one needs to spend a whopping amount. Depending on the level of travel insurance you have, you can save yourself big time during such an emergency.

Trip Cancellation

The travel insurance covers the traveler for some of the cost if he suddenly has to cancel his trip for some unavoidable reason or if there is some unexpected delay in the trip.

Lost Baggage and personal belongings

With good travel insurance, you can claim lost or delayed baggage, lost or damaged expensive personal belongings, and valuables like passports, etc.

Emergency Assistance

Having travel insurance while traveling overseas can come as a blessing in disguise if you get into some trouble there. You can get 24/7 phone support through insurance.

Death or grave injury

Fortunately, some travel insurances also cover death and grave injury. Unfortunately, if any such thing happens then medical costs and medical evacuation can cost you very highly. So it’s better to be well prepared.

So before declining to buy travel insurance while traveling, give it a second thought! Think about the benefits you can enjoy by buying it and what can be the consequence of not buying it. Without travel insurance, an emergency can cost you thousands of dollars! And it’s not a joke.

Let’s travel safely, let’s travel without any hassles in our mind, let’s travel fully prepared to tackle any kind of emergency (God forbid if it arises) without going bankrupt, let’s travel to enjoy to the hilt, let’s travel with travel insurance.

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